Happy New Year from Living Vicky!
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2014 is off to an exciting start, with many opportunities to engage in mentoring, learning, sharing, and more:
  • Tuesday, March 11 - Entrepreneurship workshop - meet women, from all generations, who've started their own businesses - and hear how they did it
  • Saturday, March 15 - Living Vicky's First Birthday Celebration 
  • Coming soon - "Building a Resume that Lands an Interview" & "Having an Interview that Land a Job"
In This Issue
Career Resolutions
It's a new year, and a great opportunity to start good habits that will prepare you for the next 12 months:
  1. Write out your own self-assessment to take stock of how your year went. If your organization has a template, use that. Be candid about what worked and what didn't.
  2. Create a list of goals for the next year, include taking classes or securing a mentor for the areas that need improvement
  3. Review your self-assessment and goals with your mentor
  4. If you don't have a mentor - find one! More tips below
  5. Create a folder for kudos - whenever you receive an email or letter commending you for your contributions, file it so you can refer to it during your next year's assessment
  6. Create another folder for project specifics and goals achieved - not only will this help you with you next assessment, but it helps you to build a better resume
  7. Update your resume and online profiles, like Linked In using the following examples:
Remove Glittering Generalities
Add Empirical Evidence
Delivered ABC Project successfully and saved lots of operating costs   Delivered project ahead of schedule and reduced operating costs by 22% on a $200,000 budget
Provided timely and thorough administrative support to Vice President Prepared 12 presentations for monthly stakeholder meetings which included profit & loss statements, and future projections through FY15Q1 
Collaborated with Finance team to improve invoicing processes, improving efficiency by 5 days each month
Successfully researched, booked, and expensed 9 international trips for Vice President
Handled complex HR administration for all direct reports Managed the careers of 8 direct reports, including the successful promotion of 2 staff last quarter
Find a Mentor!
..and it's okay to have more than one
If you're already employed, approach someone within the firm who will be able to provide you perspective on the organization. 
Ask for a brief meeting, and outline a specific and reasonable goal you would like to achieve with their help.
Pay attention to feedback others are giving you - constructive criticism is an especially good place to start.
If you're in the job market, connect with someone, not to get a job, but rather, to help you understand what to look for and expect during your search.
There are lots of resources for finding mentors - find one that best suits what you're looking for in a coach.  
Finding a Mentor is Easier Than You Think - Click here for Forbes Article
Video, Interviews, and YouTube - oh my!
Living Vicky is branching into PSAs

To provide online insight into all that Living Vicky has to offer, production has begun on public service announcements.  Alexis is a High School student, passionately interested in film.  We spent last Sunday interviewing complete strangers about communications with Millennials.  Watch this space for more details!
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